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Life is a Full Circle – Sonu Sood

Sonu Sood, known as a Bollywood actor in the 21st century BC (Before Covid-19)*  (*term taken from the Economic Times report on Sonu Sood), is now termed as the Messiah of the migrant workers and needy.

‘Sonu Sood’ has undoubtedly become the most loved Bollywood celebrity in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown. His untiring efforts to help the migrant laborers reach their home is something divine.

‘Thank you’ tweets and messages pouring all over twitter and News TV channels is a testament to the incredible work that he has done recently.

Check this tweet by KK Mookhey (team Sonu Sood) to see how many messages the helpline was getting per second.

Before the coronavirus pandemic, most of us knew him as a Bollywood villain starring in blockbusters like Simmba, Dabangg, Jodha Akbar, Entertainment and the list goes on.

But now, the actor has been titled as the ‘Messiah’-The Real Hero.

Why? Let’s know.

fan art for sonu sood
Fan art for Sonu Sood

Check out the latest “Sonu Sood Fan Art & Meme Gallery” here

Sonu Sood Philanthropy

Is it just because he has arranged hundreds of buses for the migrant workers? 

Yes, it is true that he has arranged buses and trains for the migrant workers to reach their homes in Bihar, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Uttarakhand and several other states. He doesn’t stop just there but also airlifted migrant workers and girls in Kerala to reach Odisha. 

But the bitter truth is that the things which should have been done by our elected leaders and government were seen being handled efficiently by a Bollywood celebrity.

These are not normal times and even the most powerful nations are trembling due to the pandemic and someone like Sonu Sood doing so much for the migrant workers portrays some emotional heart touching work.

He along with his childhood friend Neeti Goyal, a businesswoman based out of Mumbai and KK Mookhey, an IT security consultant and his team are beautifully getting the work done. They have collectively helped over 20 thousand migrant laborers to date.

Sonu Sood and Neeti Goyal at the Mumbai Airport
Sonu Sood and Neeti Goyal at the Mumbai Airport

According to the Economic Times report, there is a long list of around 70 thousand migrant workers who are still waiting to go home. His team has also made a request to the government to organize special Shramik Express trains.

Have a look at this recent tweet from Mr KK Mookhey where he is stating that the requests of migrants are now 1 lakh+.

SOnu SOod tweet
K K Mookhey’s tweet

Sonu Sood’s Family

Although Sonu Sood has been involved in philanthropy and charity works for the most part of his career, it is this act of altruism that has earned him the stature of a ‘Saviour’.

Charity comes from within and when we look at the value he instills within him and the message he conveys to the public tells us a lot about his benevolence and ideology towards helping people, especially the labor class when they need our support the most.

So, let us take a look at the origins of ‘The Real Hero’

Sonu Sood’s house in Moga, Punjab

Born in the city of Moga, Punjab and almost 1700 km away from his karmabhoomi Mumbai, Sonu Sood was brought up in an upper-middle class family and had no problems to steer around during his childhood.

But that does not make him a rich brat instead the values he has integrated from his family have made him a great philanthropist.

 “They drilled into me that you are truly successful only if you help others.”

-Sonu Sood

This fact is also supported by Actor Boman Irani when he said “He is the sort of guy who slams his big fist on his chest and says don’t worry I am with you”.

His father Late Mr. Shakti Sagar Sood being an entrepreneur and his mother Late Mrs. Saroj Sood a teacher, Sonu was always given the best of both worlds.

Parents of Sonu Sood
Parents of Sonu Sood

After completing his schooling in Moga, he came to Nagpur to pursue engineering. Yes, Sonu Sood is an engineer!. Mr. Sood also took part in the Grasim Mr. India contest and made it to the top five.

Mr. Sood is a self-made man and he believes that one can only be successful when he empower others through his own empowerment. This photo is doing rounds on Twitter showing a Mumbai Local Train Pass of ₹420 issued in the name of Sonu Sood. Have a look.

Mumbai Local Pass Sonu Sood
A Mumbai Local train pass

 It was during his college days that he met with the love of his life and married her in 1996.

It is said that Sonu Sood has never dated any other woman and his wife is a close observer of his struggles into the Bollywood. It is an apt example to show that how much dedicated Mr. Sood is towards his commitments. 

Fast forward to 2020 and he is doing what the well-respected leaders and powerful people have not even tried when it was their duty.

The Controversy Behind the ‘Ghar Bhejo’ Campaign

As it is said, you do 1000 good works but you will always be judged by your one bad mistake.  

Therefore, Saamna- a Marathi local newspaper, owned by the Shiv Sena in Maharashtra, published an article written by Sanjay Rout, a Shiv Sena leader and associate editor of Saamna titled “Ekta Sonu Sood Khara” which translates to only Sonu Sood is real.


Also, in a news report, he said “In the world of films there is a director and the work he did is very good but for that, there may be a political director behind him”. So, he is basically trying to induce Sonu Sood of political gains from his charity work. 

The first thing to note here is he doesn’t need any kind of publicity as such to win an election. Second, the people he helped and the people benefited from his philanthropy were all migrant laborers belonging to Bihar, Jharkhand, Karnataka and other states. 

Third, even if he wishes to stand in an election people would surely vote for him because he is the man who actually deserves their votes; coming forward at the right time with the much-required help unlike a guest appearance for an election manifesto!

This is what Sonu Sood had to say about this.

Sonu sood help migrant labourers news
Sonu Sood’s statement

A vast multitude of questions arise and should arise in each of our minds: Why didn’t the elected representatives come at the fore-front and help the migrant laborers reach their homes safely at the right time? Is it always necessary for the govt. to take measures only after some loss of lives has taken place? Why cannot the govt. adopt a pro-active approach?

To conclude this I would only say that if someone is helping the people, the poorest of the poor people of our country, then we must support him rather than making allegations which may or may not be true. 

Even if they happen to be true, the humane work done by him will not be undone in any case and he will still be the “Messiah” and people (if not people then atleast those who were helped by him) will continue to remember his work in the upcoming years as one of the greatest act of humanity during such unprecedented times.

Not just Sonu Sood, many people, and organizations are actively serving the laborers and poor people in the wake of the pandemic and lockdown. 

Ynonprofitclub salutes all the #CovidWarriors who are doing truly inspiring work and helping each and everyone even when if their own lives are on risk. 

Thank you so much. 


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