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How to inspire people to join your Hashtag?

As we have already discussed in our previous post “fundraising hashtag strategy for Instagram and Twitter”, the importance and correct way to use #hashtags. 

Let’s talk about some of the ways you can use hashtags to improve your visibility and engagement game along with inspiring people to use your hashtags. 

Let’s say you want to increase visibility about your organization among the masses. You can easily start a # movement and popularise it. 

How to do that?

It’s as simple as inspiring people to join in for a marathon or a pride parade. 

Incentivization & Social Outreach

Sometimes audiences need to be incentivized to join in for the hashtag movement. It can be anything from a coupon code or a one-time free service, a gift basket, a certificate of honor, etc.

It has been observed that intangible offers like a club membership or a certificate or a badge of honor are usually a good way to motivate people to join your hashtag movement. 

The more people use that hashtag, the more popular it gets, which in turn attracts even more engagement. Creating such hashtags and getting people to use is easy; all you need is a proper theme to inspire people.

You could get more donations using hashtag power, by inspiring your supporters to donate through a community initiative, like a dinner, charity-run, or a clean-up drive, and then share their experience with others using a hashtag you’ve created. 

hashtag charity dinner
Community Lunch for Charity

Some of the popular campaigns as such are #eachoneplantone or  #feedindia, where people would plant trees in their neighborhood parks or donate for the same, feed the poor and needy people living nearby and post a photo/video, doing the same using the specified Hashtag. 

Here is an exmaple of a twitter user posing while planting flower trees and tweeting with #eachoneplantone.


You can also use # to support a movement or spread awareness. A change initiative as simple as #quitsmoking, #dontdrinkanddrive, and #saynotoplastic created awareness among huge masses, creating an improved attitude towards such activities.

A lot of people tend to keep updated with trends, and there’s no better way to show/know about a trend than a popular hashtag.

By now, we all can agree that hashtags can improve and have a positive impact on improving the visibility and engagement of our social media campaign. Let’s talk about some successful hashtag campaigns and how various organizations used it.

#IceBucketChallenge (The ALS Association)

You must probably remember the year when throwing ice over one another was on-trend. It was a very successful social media campaign run by the ALS association, managing to raise brand awareness about ALS which, before the campaign was relatively unknown, and hence raise millions for the charity. 


The biggest reason the #IceBucketChallenge got popular because it was for a noble cause. 

People love posting of themselves doing good deeds, on social media, and this is what fuelled the campaign. The campaign attracted several big named celebrities and corporate big-wigs like Bill Gates. 

Check this “How Ice Bucket Challenge dramatically accelerated the fight against ALS”

#MyCalvins (Calvin Klein)

We all know Calvin Klein. A brand showcasing its undergarment collection with celebrities and public figures with ripped bodies and toned figures.

 #MyCalvins campaign did something different. Instead of using public figures, it encouraged its customer base to be the models for their undergarment collection.

#MyCalvins hashtag
#MyCalvins movement

And this campaign skyrocketed, with thousands of people posting on social media with them showing Calvin Klein with the Hashtag. 

The brand didn’t give anything in return as most other brands do to encourage people to post using their products, yet it managed to have a massive engagement. 

#WantAnR8 (Audi)

Who wouldn’t want to ride an Audi?

A twitter user named McCoy created a hashtag #WantAnR8, stating her desire to ride an Audi R8 one day.

Who would have known that she was in for a treat? Audi responded and offered her a chance to drive an R8 for a day. And this created a whole different image for the company.

Success of #WantAnR8 campaign

Audi eventually encouraged people across various social media platforms to share their reasons for wanting an R8 using the hashtag #WantAnR8.It surprised a few lucky users with a chance to drive an Audi R8 for a day.

This campaign worked wonders for the company’s engagement. It created an image of themselves which showed that they listened to their audience.

We hope that you must have gained some insights on how you can increase your hashtag visibility and what type of campaigns can be conducted to deliver more engagemnet on social media.

Dont forget to join your non-profit club for more knowledge on fundraising and non-profit marketing.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments and your story of inspiring people to use your hashtag.

Thank You.

Abhishek Rath

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