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Best Fundraising Tips from Mega Fundraising Champions

In the previous article I discussed the importance of social media campaigns and personalization to reach out to maximum donors. 

If you have not read that article refer here “Beginners Fundraising guide for a Non-profit

fundraising guide download image by
fundraising guide download image by

Here I have collected some experiences of the best fundraising campaigners of the CEI COVID Response Project 2020. These are the people who have actually implemented the non-profit marketing strategy and “personalization” concept to gain funds.

A brief About the CEI Covid Response Project

To visit the CEI Fundraiser Campaign click here.

Confederation of Empowerment Initiatives(CEI) is an International Development Agency working towards the upliftment of the most disenfranchised sections of the society through its ideology of holistic empowerment. CEI is continuously helping the poor and tribal families across India to make them empowered through their market-linked entrepreneurial solutions. The Covid Response Project is an immediate initiative taken by the organization to help the jobless daily wage tribal workers and the women and children in the left-out villages of Raigad district in Maharashtra.

Without further ado, let’s review the most successful fundraising campaigns.

Focusing on the Strengths

Nayana Chaplot | Raised – ₹97,324/- in 30 days.

“ok so honestly for me social media didn’t work because after doing the first two posts I realized that my social media audience is not reacting and the donations that are coming in are not from my social media audience so I started connecting with people personally on Whatsapp and call”  – Nayana

This is what she said when asked about her experience. She was quick to realize that her target group was not active on social media so she created a broadcast list on Whatsapp and also connected with them on call to make them understand the CEI grassroots Sadhna.

The broadcast list also helped in presenting day-to-day updates to the donors as to make them feel a sense of satisfaction that their hard-earned money is being utilized for good. 

Nayana mentions that connecting personally with the people helped her to understand why they were not donating and she got some positive feedback too.

She also harnessed the power of social media by appreciating the donors on every social group they were part of to reach out to and motivate the maximum number of people she could. 

Leveraging Social Connections

Abhishek Sanghai | Raised – ₹78,736/- in 30 days

“My main strategy was to target Corporate Leaders through LinkedIn (2K connections), my Instagram and Facebook community where I have around 3K followers. And giving them updates on a daily basis through WhatsApp status.” – Abhishek

Abhishek had an on-point social media strategy. From meticulously written write-ups as he says “focused to bring out the best from the person reading it”  to using google analytics and doing some research over keywords and the perfect time to post his campaign on social media.

He also ran some paid ads over Facebook and Instagram in the initial days to create maximum awareness towards his fundraising campaign

He was very observant of the dates as he kept a check on the 30th, 31st, and 1st of the month because that’s when the salaries get credited. His social media post manifested the same theme during these days which directly appealed to the salaried class. He was able to raise more than 15k in those three days. 

He also used a strategy of donating and sharing. I would call this a perpetual donation machine where each of his donors shared the proof of donation and tagged 5 other connections who could contribute to the campaign and do the same. 

fundraising donation machine image by
image for fundraising donation machine image by

Abhishek faced a challenge when people told him that they have already donated to The Prime Minister’s Citizen Assistance and Relief in Emergency Situations Fund (PM CARES Fund) or any other charity.

To tackle this he brought out an innovative message campaign where he urged people to donate X amount which would feed/save lives of Y number of families for Z number of days (Will be talking more about this strategy in later posts in detail). This quantitative and direct message made an impact and he ended his message by saying “Isn’t is amazing”! 

Isn’t it amazing? What do you guys think?

The Domino Effect

Prajakta Dhone | Raised – ₹76,219/- in 30 days

“Firstly I ran 2 paid campaigns on Instagram but that didn’t end up well as I was only getting likes and no donations. Then I used the “personalization” concept and forwarded two messages to the people.”  – Prajakta

Prajakta promptly realized that her ads were getting only views and no conversion and that’s when she switched to plan B. She started with personally messaging her contacts in two parts.

One message contained the details of the fundraising and the other was a heartfelt message including the name of the person to make it more meaningful and personalized.

In addition to this, she also started a domino chain with the help of her college classmates. Initially, she convinced some of her friends to donate to her campaign and she tagged them as “VESIM Warriors” in the college Whatsapp groups. This triggered a competition amongst the students to be included in the club.

This is the power of social influence.

Additionally, she also convinced college students to organize competitions to raise funds for her fundraising campaign. I have put some examples below.

fundraising social media campaigns
fundraising social media campaigns

Optimizing Social Media

Sonakshi Agarwal | Raised – ₹57,656/- in 30 days

Sonakshi had a very clear cut picture of her prospects and started her campaign with creating a Whatsapp broadcast list where she pushed small but purposeful messages about the organization and their works and not just about fundraising. 

This made her audience get sensitized towards the sufferings of the beneficiaries who the donors were going to help (in this case the Katkari Tribals of Raigad, Maharashtra). 

She also used Email marketing to reach out to her network directly and ask for help. In addition to this, she took advantage of her college Facebook groups and other similar groups from where her message spread rapidly and widely and she was able to raise such a huge amount. 

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