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Top Fundraising Hashtag Strategy for #Twitter & #Instagram

With this new social media marketing boom, hashtags have become invincible. There is a growing market for creative hashtag strategies and there is no stopping to it. Let’s take a look at some important fundraising hashtag strategy.

Hashtags give social campaigns a fuel to launch them into space(**Elon Musk Fan alert) with engagements on social media. 

Hashtags propelling your fundraising campaign

So the obvious question that comes to your mind is what are Hashtags? And how have they become so popular and essential in a non-profit marketers arsenal?

Hashtags are a simple means to sort, categorize, and find information. They make for an easy tool to reveal critical insights and trends in a group of data/information.

Let’s discuss one by one, some effective hashtag strategies for each of the popular social media platforms. 

Instagram Fundraising Hashtag Strategy

According to your Instagram hashtag game keeps on going down as you add more hashtags after a threshold of 11 hashtags in total.

fundraising hashtag strategy fact
fundraising hashtag strategy fact

Also, the matter of fact is that keeping the number of hashtags under 11 increases your post engagement by roughly 13% on Instagram

Over 2 Million posts are tagged with #fundraising and this can very well be verified on Instagram itself. 

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So, getting a bit creative and creating an eye catching and easy to remember hashtag will give your campaign an additional intangible boost.

More people will get to know, as your hashtag will propagate. This will help you in converting those prospects into donors once you reach them out personally.

NOTE : It is advised that you use a mix of both generic and highly unique hashtags in your campaigns. The generic ones will reach to the masses and the unique ones will give an identity to your cause. 

So, what do the popular Instagram hashtags look like?

I have collated a list of generic hashtags that almost everyone uses in their fundraising campaigns on Insta. Make sure you include them too so that your posts float in the #fundraising category. 

Instagram Hashtags# of posts

PRO TIP: To find the most popular hashtags in your sector, go to Instagram and type in a hashtag and check out some posts using that hashtag. You will get to know more variations of the same hashtag and new ones too that are more successful. (Thank us later!)

Here are some more tags which are frequently used to tag fundraising campaigns. 

#fundraising, #fundraiser, #charity, #instagood, #donate, #foracause, #bethechange, #nonprofit #community #support #dogood #philanthropy #giveback #socialgood #volunteer #love #donations #change #help #givingback #causes #education #ngo #children #fundraisingevent #covid19 #crowdfunding #charityevent #givingbacktosociety #instagood #makeadifference #inthistogether

Twitter Fundraising Hashtag Strategy

Twitter as we all know is a micro-blogging site, compels you to post short campaigns called tweets. So, because the message is already short of words you cannot use 8-10 hashtags. If you do so, your post will only contain hashtags and that wouldn’t be great to see. 

Here is an exmaple of a tweet.

fundraising hashtag strategy

Funny isn’t it? Lets come back to the topic.

Consequently, research also proves this. It says that Tweets with 1 or 2 hashtags are more likely to be engaged and also stand a 55% more chance to get retweeted or if it’s funny like the above example.

On twitter, it is much easier to reach a greater audience because people search for posts using hashtags, and using a #charity or #donate can make your campaign reach relevant audiences across the world with hundreds and thousands of retweets and comments.

Additionally, if you want to establish your own hashtag on twitter it can be an exhaustive task if done by a single person but when 20 or 30 people tweet regularly with posts that are unique and creative, the hashtag gets more visibility across the platform. 

Let’s check out the most popular hashtags on twitter related to fundraising. 

Hashtags# of tweets
#CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility83.7K

Here is a collection of most used hashtags for fundraising on twitter. 

#nonprofit #CSR #4change #socialgood #charity #fundraising #NPTech#FundChat #StartingGood #LOV(Leaders of Volunteers)  #Volunteer #support #raisemoney #charitywork #charitypartner #charityshop #aid #donation #volunteer #causes #change #activism #dogood #fundraising #charity #help #support

We will soon be coming up with a Linkedin Fundraising strategy to reach more and more audiences and create a powerful marketing campaign for your organization.

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Thank you. Hope you have a good day.

Abhishek Rath

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